7 Benefits of Taking Action

7 Benefits of Taking Action

Knowing the benefits of something typically increases our likelihood of doing it. You know that when you run, you burn calories, your mind feels clearer, and you have more energy. You also know that having a salad for lunch versus pizza is more likely to help you have a productive afternoon, and a little bit of coffee never hurt anyone either. Knowing the benefits is good fuel towards taking action..

Did you know there are benefits to taking action? You are probably goal oriented and you definitely like to succeed, but you may sometimes keep too much in your head. Write it down, prioritize, make a list and then take action. Big goals and big action leads to great success!

Benefits of taking action:

1. You get it done, so you get the pleasure of crossing it off the list! A long to-do list can use a lot of brain energy  worrying about when and how you will get it all done. Crossing a couple of items off is a great relief.

2. Taking action creates abundance. Abundance comes from hard work, planning, and diligence. When you decide what you want, and how you can achieve it, taking action is the next critical step. As positive actions are initiated, it’s just a matter of time before you experience more abundance. This could be more time, more money, better relationships, or a cleaner office. 

3. You can sleep better. Why does it seem like at night the to-do list re-surfaces? As your mind slows down and preps for sleep, any outstanding to-do list items will come back to mind. You can write it down to help lower anxiety, but having it done is even better.

4. You have an immediate sense of accomplishment, just for starting to take action. 

5. Action creates positive energy. 

6. Taking action gives you additional life experiences. You may succeed or not, but you will at least learn something. 

7. This item is done; time to move on!

Maybe the biggest benefit of taking action is the additional energy and abundance it creates. Did you know that to launch a rocket, it takes an imbalance of forces? A rocket on the launch pad is in a balanced state. It takes an imbalance of force (an extraordinary amount of rocket fuel) to launch the rocket off the pad and into outer space. It may take some planning and little bit of figuring out what fuels you, but you can launch your next project out of the park in the same way.

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