Authenticity and Transparency are the Keys to Success

Authenticity and Transparency are the Keys to Success

The business world is full of people telling you what you should and should not do, but the real key to success is authenticity and transparency. Here are 5 top tips for all successful entrepreneurs

1. Be Yourself. There are many types of leaders, and you have to be your unique type of leader. The key here is to recognize your own strengths and to leverage them, rather than try to be someone else’s idea of a good leader. People will see through a shame style and pick up on the inherent insincerity.

2. Be Honest. Sometimes prospective entrepreneurs may be reluctant to admit to being wrong or that they just don’t know the answer to a question. Real success, however, is not found in pretended omnipotence, but in being big enough to admit to our mistakes. To simply say “please explain that some more” not only increases your own knowledge, but it shows others that they are valued. It actually increases your credibility, rather than reducing it.

3. Build Real Relationships. Every other business leader need not be a rival, and not every rival need be an opponent. Look out for the synergies that exist between your enterprise and others, and build on them to foster real collaborative effort. Again, the key is being authentic. Don’t just look at what you can get from every business interaction, but look instead for the ways that both of you can prosper.

4. Be a team player. Looking out for others allows us to thrive together, rather than failing alone. Joining local or national organizations and giving some of your talents to their running is an excellent way to give back, as well as making your name known to the wider world.

​5. Be an individual. This may seem a contradiction of #4, but actually, it neatly complements it. You have your own skill set, different to anyone else, and so you should always seek to validate that uniqueness. Don’t lead in the same way as others, but do it your way. This fosters trust in your interactions with others and takes you to the next level of success.
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