Authenticity is a Key to the Entrepreneur’s Success

Authenticity is a Key to the Entrepreneur's Success

Every entrepreneur wants to be successful. Yet, some make it to the upper levels in seemingly no time, while others stagnate on the lower rung of the ladder. 

What makes the difference between those who excel and those who don’t?  Both groups may be educated, intelligent, and motivated, so what is the secret to the successful person’s rise to prosperity? One key factor is their ability to be authentic and transparent. Let’s take a closer look at how authenticity sets the entrepreneur up for success.


Lack of authenticity creates walls
When discussing authenticity let’s first let’s think about the opposite of authenticity and what occurs. When people are NOT authentic we would say they are not being true to their core self, not being open to reveal themselves, putting on a false front, or acting “the part.” However you describe it, they are not being genuine. Just by definition of the word, they have created a barrier between themselves and those with whom they are communicating. In other words, now a wall hinders their true self from being exposed.


The hindrance of walls
Having a wall between you and your clients is not a positive result. The main reason is that you cannot have a true connection with them when any type of barrier exists. The wall may be invisible but it is there nonetheless and it impacts the connection necessary for a relationship.


Importance of connecting
Connecting with your customers is just as important as selling them your product or service. Harvard Business Review conducted research that revealed customers are capable of emotional bonding with a brand. If your customers connect with your brand on an emotional level, then you have engaged loyal customers that are your best advertisements.


Transparency and authenticity are key elements in success as an entrepreneur. As you connect in a genuine manner with customers, you gain real connections. Contact us for more ideas about entrepreneurship.