Do Something! Taking Action to Grow Your Business

Do Something! Taking Action to Grow Your Business

Consider a typical workday.  You wake up and have a video phone call with a relative who lives thousands of miles away.  Once dressed and ready for work, you use your smartphone to order a car service to take you to work.  You have a secure chat group with your coworkers that allows you to work on projects, share documents, and exchange ideas.  You can sign documents electronically without printing paper.  Your break room even has a machine that can make a single cup of coffee for you rather than a whole pot.

These are considerably small things that are easily taken for granted.  However, each of these inventions and processes have companies behind them.  And for the companies behind these innovations, each one started with an idea. 

What if they had always stayed as ideas?

This is why it’s imperative, as a business owner, to take action.  Every successful business starts out as an idea.  Those ideas never come to fruition unless action is taken to conceptualize, test, and eventually roll out those ideas as tangible products and services.  Below are couple of ways that you can take action to grow your business:

Take Action after Analysis – The phrase, “paralysis by analysis,” is real.  It is easy to fall into an endless cycle of planning and researching, with no actual action being taken.  Research and information is important, but action gets the ball rolling toward your goals.  For example, if you have researched a new, state-of-the-art smoothie machine that will improve your output and reduce customer waiting time, follow up your research with an actionable task such as calling vendors to find out prices.  

Find Small Wins – Small wins are easily achievable tasks that reinforce your ultimate goals, while boosting morale.  It’s all summed up in the phrase, “I may not be where I want to be yet, but here is what I can do now.”  If you have a goal of growing your customer base by 20% in a certain time period, start by hosting a customer appreciation night, which includes a discount, for organizations in your community such as teachers or firefighters and their families.  

Implement and Maintain a Routine – You can take, and keep taking, action by investing your time in a routine.  Structure and dedicate time in your day to specific, actionable tasks such as quiet time, exercise, meals, planning, contacting, working, etc.  A few days, or weeks, into your routine, you will find that your making strides and growing your business. 

Ideas are great things, but they fail to have impact when they stay in one’s mind.  Your business is the result of a good idea.  Great ideas have the ability to grow your business.  Begin growing your business today by taking action on the good ideas you have for your business. By taking action, these ideas have the ability to impact your community in positive ways.  

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