Emerging B2B Trends for Small Businesses

Emerging B2B Trends for Small Businesses

In 2018, B2B is becoming less about coming to terms with emerging communications technology, and more with coming up with fresh ways to leverage established concepts through new approaches.

​Here are 3 emerging B2B trends perfect for small business operations in 2018 that exemplify this shift from getting in on a new idea early, to perfecting established concepts in exciting ways:

  1. Account-Based Marketing is already seeing a major boost in activity. B2B strategies have, in recent years, gone broad: targeting entire spaces, rather than individual clients. To stay ahead of the curve, many B2B approaches are actually narrowing their scope by selecting a number of particular businesses to target with a personally tailored approach. In other words, using modern analytics to put out feelers in an almost old-school account-based fashion, rather than leaving bait out for an entire business sector to hopefully respond to.
  2. Breaking Down Usability Barriers between clients and your service is a subtle yet sudden shift for many businesses going into 2018. For far too long, B2B has been hamstrung by the feeling that accessibility is more of a concern for consumers than other businesses. After all, they have insider knowledge in this space; is it really a concern? Frankly: it is! Even more than price, if services and support are easy and accessible, your B2B customers are more likely to stick to you over a competitor.
  3. Leveraging Social Media isn’t new for marketers. But it’s becoming rapidly more important in the B2B space, as millennials are increasingly the ones making important business decisions. They prefer building service relationships with a human face, rather than a purely informative one. So putting out feelers in social media, with a dedicated social media manager, is becoming increasingly key to netting new clients even in the B2B space.

In the most generalized sense, the trends going into 2018 are that innovations in the B2B space often involve looking more like selling to average consumers: breaking barriers between customers and your product, providing a personal touch to your sales approach and ongoing support, and targeting specific customers over broader marketing to an entire space.

It’s the values of old-school marketing finally combining with the new school of analytics — the perfect arena for small businesses to shine. After all, your business is likely already built around providing a personal touch from all your team members, simply out of necessity. As we get deeper into 2018, it turns out the small business approach is increasingly relevant to B2B in general.
The most exciting aspect of B2B in 2018 isn’t about betting on a new emerging technology, but in taking advantage of the wealth of high-tech resources available to connect with the best possible customers.

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