Fitness For Business Owners: How Much Money is Regular Exercise Worth?

Fitness For Business Owners: How Much Money is Regular Exercise Worth?

Sat, 26 Oct 2019 06:16:53 GMT

When most of us think of exercise, we probably think of words like routine, and sore, and obligation to describe our feelings. A word that we might not be thinking of is happiness, but according to Business Insider, that might actually be the more appropriate term to use when it comes to remaining physically active.
How Much Money Is Regular Exercise Worth?

When Yale and Oxford set out to study the impact of exercise on people, they cast a wide net, and asked very specific questions. And reviewing the answers they received, they found some fairly surprising results.

First, they found that exercise is a potent cure for the blues. While those who remained active still had their bad days throughout the year (roughly 35 on average), the researchers found that participants who were not physically active tended to have significantly more days filled with stress and poor mental health. 18 days on average, meaning that regular physical activity could help stave off two weeks of negative feelings.

That was an impressive find all on its own (and enough reason to get someone off the couch), but there was more. Because it seems that a regular routine of physical activity might actually be worth far more monetarily than even the most expensive gym’s costs. Comparing overall life satisfaction, researchers found that in order to achieve the same levels of happiness participants who were not physically active would need to make an additional $25,000 a year to compensate.

Now that is a lot of money, but it can’t compete with the stress relief, health benefits, and overall peace of mind that breaking an honest sweat on a regular basis can give you.

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