How Fitness Devices will be Affected by 5G

How Fitness Devices will be Affected by 5G

Thu, 04 Jul 2019 02:07:13 GMT

That fitness trackers, such as the Apple Watch, have changed the way we exercise has become one of the welcome developments of the 21st century. A recent article in TechRadar suggests that 5G connectivity is about to take these kinds of devices to the next level.

Fitness trackers help us to track the calories we burn during exercise, monitor heart rate, and even the quality of our sleep. The addition of 5G makes these devices even more capable.

For example, being able to upload and download information a hundred times faster than before will radically decrease the amount of storage that fitness trackers will need. 5G will allow the devices to store and access information in the cloud.

With the freed capacity, fitness trackers based on smart watches will become self-contained devices. Currently, fitness trackers must be synchronized to a smart phone or other device to access apps to monitor how our exercise regimens are progressing. Now, all of those apps will be contained in the device itself.

5G-enabled fitness trackers will also work faster in urban areas, where many devices are interacting simultaneously. For example, your step counter will synch with your running pace more quickly than before.

Finally, the new, faster devices can potentially become personal trainers or even doctors on your wrist. In personal trainer mode, the fitness tracker will be able to offer encouragement and advice on how you’re exercising in real time, boosting the quality of your workout session without you having to spend money on a human being.

The idea of a fitness device becoming a health monitor will advance closer to reality, as well. With new sensor technology, a smart watch will be able to detect, before symptoms become obvious, oncoming medical events, such as heart attacks or strokes, and monitor vitals in real time. The ability to stave off debilitating cardiovascular events will have far-reaching implications for quality of life and longevity. Looks like this will be perfect for business owners on the go!

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