Key Business Advice For Entrepreneurs in Their 20’s

Key Business Advice For Entrepreneurs in Their 20's

The beautiful thing about entrepreneurship is that anyone can do it without any limitations on age. If you are in your 20’s and feel you have the spirit of entrepreneurship necessary to start your own business, congratulations! It’s a long road, but as many entrepreneurs will tell you, it’s also one of the most rewarding and fulfilling journeys you will take in your life. If you are starting your very own business and looking for new ways to grow, check out these three invaluable pieces of business advice from successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Master The Art of Time Prioritization: When you are an entrepreneur, you are going to put in long hours. This doesn’t mean you should allow your work to consume you so much that you are pulling 90 hour work weeks and abandoning every other part of your life. Mastering your priorities has a lot to do with setting a schedule and sticking to it. Working longer than a 40-hour work week is fine (and essentially unavoidable) when you first start out. Just make sure you plan what time you start working and what time you will end work each day. 
  2. Get Your Exercise in: We aren’t just talking about physical fitness. Exercise all areas of your life, physically, socially, and mentally. Don’t neglect your health when you start your business (if you don’t have your health you won’t have your business). During your work day, take regular breaks and walk around stretch, etc. Get in routine exercise every morning or evening. And take time each day to connect with other professionals, your family, or friends.
  3. Get a Mentor: Fewer things will prove to be more valuable to you throughout life than an older professional who has been in your shoes. Find someone you can learn from and pay attention to what they say and do. By having someone to look to, you can model some aspects of your personal and professional life after their habits (habits that likely led to their business success). 

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