The 4 Best Social Media Tips to Bolster Community Support

The 4 Best Social Media Tips to Bolster Community Support

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Tip 1: Start a Branded Hashtag

A well-thought-out hashtag helps potential customers find your business. Create your own branded hashtag and encourage followers to use it. Every time someone uses your hashtag your community becomes a little larger. 

Tip 2: Talk to Your Community in Real Time

One of the amazing benefits of social media is the ability to communicate with others in real time. Listen to what your community is saying. Try to understand what your community expects and need for your business. In the end, you’ll learn invaluable information to improve your small business.

Tip 3: Network with Community Leaders

Social media is the perfect platform for networking. Follow known community leaders and influencers to connect with a larger audience. Connecting with these community leaders can legitimize your standing as a local expert.

Tip 4: Share More with Self-Automated Post

Save time by automating your social media post. Use a website like HootSuite to schedule post. Create your post on a Sunday and schedule your post to release throughout the week. This gives you more time to focus on building community relations.

Social media should be a part of every small business’s strategy for community building. For more solutions on how to build your small business, contact us here.