The Best Types of SUV Family Cars

SUV cars stand as the perfect family car due to their convenience when traveling. These cars come in different types, shapes, and designs, making it easy for the family to choose the perfect vehicle.


 The types of SUV cars are classified in sizes or the number of people the vehicles can carry. These types include;

X-Small SUV

These types of SUV cars, as the name states, are the smallest models. They are recommendable for families who probably have two small kids as they don’t offer much space. They are pretty easy to get in and out, which is convenient for smalkids, but the rear seats are a bit squeezed and may not accommodate adults or older kids when it comes to comfort. These types of SUV cars are affordable and do not consume a lot of fuel.

Small SUV

These are a bit larger than the X-small SUV, usually referred to as a compact SUV. These SUVs offer generous space even in the boots and can work for small families, even with older kids. Another excellent benefit of owning a small SUV car model is that they can travel off-road. 

Small 3 row SUV

Three-row SUV cars mean that you have three-seat rows. Although the vehicle may not be generous with comfort considering three sitting rows, these cars are a safe bet for large families. Nonetheless, some models like Volkswagen Tiguan are pretty spacious and comfortable.

Large SUV

 If your budget allows and you have a large family, this is an excellent option for an SUV car to buy. The large SUV cars are pretty massive and offer ample interior spaces. The large SUV comes in different designs with two rows, and others have three-row seat arrangements. We can say these SUV vehicles are safe to travel with off-road as they are strong and can endure rough roads.


The size

 The first thing you need to consider when choosing a family car is the size. You need a vehicle that can accommodate all family members when traveling, plus has enough space to carry your luggage. So, if you have three to four kids, a car with a three-row seat would be the right choice for comfortable fitting.

The brand

SUV cars come from different brands, and we can say that some brands are superior to others. The brands differ in terms of quality engine, durability, and even fuel consumption. Some SUV cars consume high fuel compared to some brands based on engine or even size.

The use

Do you need a car to drive when going short distances or require a car that you can travel long distances with? Although there are multiple types of SUV family cars, some vehicles are not recommendable to drive off the road since they cannot endure harsh highways and others are strong to operate on all surfaces. If you need a car you can use, maybe when going camping, choose a safe model to drive on most surfaces.

Fuel consumption

 As mentioned earlier, cars have varying fuel consumption capacity whereby some may consume higher fuel than others. The last thing you need is to spend a lot of money on fuel, especially if you need a car you can drive daily to work. So, always consider fuel economy when choosing an SUV car for your family.

Space for cargo

 A family car should always have ample cargo space to keep your essentials when traveling, mainly with kids. So, never compromise storage space in the boot when buying a family car regardless of its size.


SUV family cars come in varying sizes, designs and built for you to choose from. We have provided a breakdown of the type of SUV cars available in the market to choose from based on your family settings. However, use the discussed buying guide to help you choose the right SUV car for your family.