The Common Thread Of 4 Top Business Leaders? Action! Execution!

The Common Thread Of 4 Top Business Leaders? Action! Execution!

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
Business success is not about creating new principles. It’s “pulling the trigger” using established principles. The four people below are inspiring examples. 

  • Tony Robbins: Widely known for explosive seminars and “unleashing inner power”, even this proponent of positive action looks to other action takers for tips and inspiration, as this article shows. He follows and recommends a 4 step success formula: When you see potential gain, take reasonable action, and any good results build your belief in doing so again. Potential, action, results, belief. Rinse and repeat.    


  • Bill Gates: After achieving the status of worlds richest person a few years running, he was asked how he did it. His 3 part answer was: 1. Right place, right time. 2. He recognized the opportunity. 3. He took action.      


  • Wayne Gretzky:  He is referred to as “The Great One” for his mythical abilities in professional hockey. According to the NHL’s official website, he holds or shares 61 records. In response to how he scored so many goals, his legendary but brief explanation was “You miss 100% of the shots you never take!” His life after professional hockey includes success in the business world as well.


  • Carlos Ghosn: Although lacking the name recognition of the previous three, Carlos Ghosn took executive action (as in “execute”) when assuming leadership of businesses with household names. He has been (and/or is currently) Chairman and CEO of three major automobile manufacturers : Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi. His bold actions crossed cultural lines at times, as he traveled halfway around the globe to make unpopular (but later successful) corporate changes. Evidently taking weekends off hasn’t occurred to him, as this article shows. 

Learning about successful business people is encouraging, but direct engagement with successful business peers is much better. So contact us immediately! Take action to accelerate your own business career!