The Vulnerability of Success

The Vulnerability of Success

A New Attitude about Vulnerability

Starting a new business takes guts and grit. You have an idea, you know it can work, but in order to bring your idea to fruition, you’re going to need to develop relationships that offer resources you can activate quickly. Those resources may come from people or organizations outside of your scope. You may not have access to them yet, but if you make strategic connections, you’ll find yourself with more cards to play. When starting a business, you’ll need as many options as possible to keep yourself in the game.

A Surprise Strength

Especially in the business world, vulnerability is often considered a trait of weakness, but it could actually be your secret superpower. This doesn’t suggest you sneak around, looking for vulnerable targets to pulverize, but rather you expose that tender underbelly, share your feelings, explore your weaknesses. You may be surprised by what happens.  


Sound counterintuitive? One good way to connect with others is to approach them with openness and honesty. People and organizations are often skeptical of new players. New businesses appear as threats. If you enter the field with too much confidence, to the point of arrogance, you may face a hallway of locked doors. If you bang on doors aggressively, with nothing but competitive spirit, they will likely stay sealed shut. On the other hand, if you open yourself, express your weaknesses and needs in a way that shows you are looking for ways to enter the network of commerce as a partner in your community, you may be met with enthusiastic players who are ready to coach and support your endeavors. 


A vulnerable approach lets people know you care about your customers, you are invested in your community, and that you are looking for partnerships. Strong relationships are the key to building a business.  The vulnerability you share can increase your ability to connect. The more connections you have, the more options available for growth.


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