Want Perpetual Progress? Commit to No Zero-Days

Want Perpetual Progress? Commit to No Zero-Days

Sat, 01 Feb 2020 08:00:00 GMT

​Running a successful business often feels like the old circus act of plate-spinning. You artfully balance multiple priorities, keeping them in perpetual motion so they don’t fall by the wayside. Some priorities may be gratifying, like landing new clients. Others are mundane yet necessary, like paying vendors. Some may even be less obvious, like carving out more time for family. To varying extents, each priority relates to achieving your business goals. Taking consistent action is necessary to keep the plates spinning.
This circus act seems impossible when you feel overwhelmed, tired, anxious, or discouraged. Such feelings mean you are having a human experience, so don’t be too hard on yourself! You still can make progress if you have a strategy to counteract your low-energy moments. One such strategy is committing yourself to No Zero-Days.

No Zero-Days originated on social media as a call-to-action for the discouraged. The concept is simple: zero action means zero progress. So, even on your worst day, take any action—no matter how small—to make progress toward your goals. Lacking the focus necessary to write that case study to woo prospective clients? Draft an outline for one section of the study and return tomorrow to make more progress. Not enough time to reach out to your list of dormant clients? Contact one client today, then return to your list tomorrow. Each time you return, you win. You take pride in your perseverance, knowing you have been productive. You remain focused on your priorities, and your goals remain within reach.

A word of warning, though! No strategy should substitute as an excuse to slack off or procrastinate. Success demands consistent action. Commit to No Zero-Days and overcome your less-than-perfect moments so you may still make progress.

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